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Protection is more than just protection when you hire armed security guard services.

With our armed security guard services, we’re prepared for any situation – the good, the bad, the ugly. It doesn’t matter what, we’re there for you.

Whether it’s an exclusive event, personal protection, or a courtesy patrol guard, we’re the go-to armed security guard service for any high-stress situation.

It doesn’t take much for a situation to go awry. Regardless of the situation, our team is trained to use their weapons in a way that diffuses any situations and protects any individuals.

Each of the guards on our team has been trained to the highest of standards. At the Florida Security Guard Services, we pass down 20 years of experience onto each and every one of our guards.

We teach them how to handle their weapon in a way that removes any threat from a situation, while still valuing the essence of life. Our armed security guard services are known as the best because they aren’t afraid to meet a threat head-on. We’re known as the best because we can remove the threat, we can keep you safe, and keep your best interests in everything we do. We’re more than a security service, we’re the best line of defence.

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We've worked with other security guard companies like Securitas and Acme and dealt with constant issues, poor communication, lack of professionalism. Wen't with these guys and it is the best thing we did. Local & professional. Highly Recommend.
Chris C. Client Testinmoinal Unarmed Security Guard Service Case Study
Chris C.
Armed Security Guard Client
We have a massive manufacturing plant. Guard companies in the past always slacked off somewhere, but FSGS is something else. Guards are experienced, proactive, on-time, gps location so we know the guards are moving, etc... Great service all around.
Josh Z Client Testinmoinal Unarmed Security Guard Service Case Study
Josh Z.
Unarmed Security Guard Client
We have a few Florida Security Guard Service guards 24/7 for our co-working building. All of our tenants love the guards. We've built a great relationship with Dan and the team and can't see us going anywhere else anytime soon.
Cameron W.
Unarmed Security Guard Client

How Our Armed Security Guards Protect You


From the pick of armed security guard services there are, why should you pick us?


Professionals with over 20 years of experience has taught our team and trained to the highest calibre. One major teaching has been how to yield any weapon, and to do so in a safe and protective way that doesn’t cause any serious harm to anyone


Our armed security guard services aren’t designed to inflict damage. It’s there to keep you and your event safe in an intimidating and protective manner.

In the instance that our guards do need to use their weapon, the guards are trained to use it so that the assailant isn’t irreparably harmed or has their life risked in any way.

The weapons we arm ourselves with are designed for protection, not to cause harm. Our guards understand this ethos, and are filtered through an intense process to ensure they follow this belief.

We’ll take the steps we need to ensure safety, but not at the risk of human life.

24/7 Armed Security Guards:

Our armed security guards work with you in mind.

That means it doesn’t matter if you need our guards at 2am or 11pm, if you invest in our services, we’re available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are a 24/7 Florida  security guard company that’s available to you when you need it, not just when you want it.

Custom-Tailored Security

For those who aren’t getting the armed security you need, here at Florida Security Guard Services, our security strategy is tailored completely to your needs.

If you want a group of armed guards to support you at your event or to guard a high-profiled person, then we’ll make it happen. Or perhaps you just want one armed guard to remain in the background? That can be arranged.

We work for you in any way that you need us too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our guards are highly-trained in a myriad of different skills and techniques.

If you’re looking for a particular set of skills, then it would be best to detail this in your inquiry, and we’ll select a guard that fits that request.

Our charging system is based on many variables. A big thing that will determine the price of your armed security guard services is location and quantity.

If you need a team of guards, rather than one or two, this will be reflected in the price. At Florida Security Guard Services, we also take into account travel prices and whether or not the job will take place during holiday hours.

We offer the best prices for the highest quality armed guards in Florida.

Our team is trained to defend against any issue that may present itself.


This may vary depending on the situation; however, our armed security guard services have experience in defending against:

  • Attempted arson and vandalism.
  • Attempted thefts.
  • Break-ins.
  • Event attacks.

Our guards also have experience in protecting people from:

  • Attempted assault.
  • Harassment.
  • Verbal aggression.

These are just a few examples of typical behavior; however, we’re trained to see the unexpected. If you have any questions about situations in particular, feel free to ask about situations beyond this list.

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